Just Tell Me You Love Me ~ England Dan & John Ford Coley

Today is Soppy Love Song Day. This song keeps popping in my head this morning. I was humming it the whole morning but forgot about the title of the song. I just remembered snatches of its lyrics.. hehehe.. Yes, that's the only way i recall songs. And walla! Youtube came to my rescue. Thank you Youtube.

For people who are almost at the same age bracket as i am... kinda like Emila, Spiffy and Nessa... they would probably get this song. Maybe a past love sang to them before.. hehehe.

This song does remind me of a past loved one. *blush* When we were young.. and silly.. love was beautiful and silly and silly and lovely.. and silly. hahahahaha..

Of all the things humans (and dogs) need most is Love. I believe its love. Because with love, everything else is possible. Have a lovely lovely day ahead!

Hope you all will love this soppy love song.. ;)

4 woofs:

Hobbes said...

This song happens to be one of my most favouritest songs :D This is one soppy love song that I would gladly sing out loud anytime ... hehehe ...

The Race Against Time said...

My favouritestestest too.. hahahha.. You are such a soppy soppy fella Hobbes!
Lucky lucky Mrs Spiff :) Don't forget to sing to her again tonite ;) bet she'll just give u her sweetest smile after that.

Nessa said...

Not my favoritestest but can la for easy listening... :D

The Race Against Time said...

one of the favouritestest from the many favourites.. hehehe.. is there even such a word.. as favouritestest *lol*