I met this pretty lass
When i went out for my walks
So pretty is she
As pretty as the Queen of Egypt.
Cleopatra is her name
I sniffed love
I smell love
I am in love.
Cleo Cleo will you be my girl.
love, Piper

4 woofs:

Nessa said...

PP's in love?? How you know Anny?? Take pic of Cleopatra la... I wan to see oso :D

yoon see said...

Sniff Sniff, we love you too:)

The Race Against Time said...

Yes.. he is in love :) Ahh.. he has the look of love in his eyes :D Will post pic of Cleo when i get down to KL next :D

The Race Against Time said...

Sniff sniff.. hehehe