With the current economic situation everywhere all over the world... (i am trying to start off sounding important like a newscaster).. errr.. yea... with the current bad economic situation everywhere... a lot of people are laid off with no work... and no work means no money.

No money means no food to survive (well.. if you are like the rest of us who depend on our salaries to survive every month). No food to survive means... desperate measures.

Even well before the economic situation crumbled, we always have thieves in our neighbourhood. Petty thieves. On bicycle sometimes. Preying on unsuspecting housewives and old folks.

In my neighbourhood, a lot of these folks are old. It was a new neighbourhood when i was born... but since even i am with a bit of grey, you can imagine how old most of my neighbours are. And these thieves loves to prey on old helpless folks.

Case no 1 ~ Garbage bins.
One day, we woke up to find all our garbage bins stolen.. hahhahahaha.. the whole backrow. And these are not new garbage bins. These are smelly broken plasticky garbage bins reeking of mouldy food.. and crap. All gone. The whole neighbourhood was buzzing and talking about the garbage bins thieves.

My aunt and uncle living on the next row was laughing their heads off. They were glad their garbage bins was still around. My father refused to buy new bins, just in case the thieves come back again. I think a few of them refused to buy too. So the whole back row... every house was hanging their garbage on hooks.

A few weeks later, the Garbage Bins Geng came back and went to the next row and swiped all the garbage bins off (leaving the lids). They came in motorcycles... and my uncle even tried to chase them in his car.. hahhahahahaa.. i told him.. leave it. They might have knives and who knows... you might get hurt and all over a smelly bin.

I wonder what they want the bins for? These bins won't fetch much in the scrap shop. Maybe these thieves are some artists who are doing some Bins Installation somewhere and they need lots of smelly bins. *LOL* Maybe they will return the bins to us after their exhibition. Yea yea.. i am trying to be postive here :)

If you see some Bins Installation somewhere... do tell me about it. I'll go run over and check it out to find my bin. We even have our house number written on the bin.. hahhahahahahaha.. the amount of bins that are stolen in this area. Dang them thieves. Now all i have is just a hook for my garbage.

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Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Want me to lend you guys my ray gun? LOL!

Nessa said...

These garbage men are up to something, aren't they?? They probably know someone's eyeing them! LOL!

The Race Against Time said...

i cud use ur ray gun... but they are fast.. think ur ray gun would not be enuff to zap them all.. hhahahahaa.a. but thanks Spiffy!

The Race Against Time said...

err.. its not the garbage guys... its the ppl who do not have anything else to do... that is nicking all them bins..
mebbe they work for some big plastic factory.. sales are down.. so they go nick all them bins.. and so.. ppl will haveta buy new ones... hahahhahahahha

Unknown said...

Perhaps it is good time to buy new ones so as to boost up the economic. Each one spend a little bit and the whole population will sum up lots. That is also one way to increase employment. Right?

Grace and peace to you,

The Race Against Time said...

Welcome to my site James :)

Yea.. mebbe its a good thing to buy new bins :)

Have a great day ahead!