I remember the time i lie on your lap at the doctor's clinic... when i was sick. Your lap was the most safest and comfortable place to be. Sometimes i will lie there longer, so you will stroke my hair.

I remember the time i lie on your lap and you will clean my ears. All of us would line up and wait our turn to lie on your lap to have our ears cleaned.

I remember the time you took me to the hospital to see some doctors. In the heat of the sun, you fainted. Before you fainted you told me to hold on to your bag and to May's hand. You did faint and they put you on a bed to rest. May and i waited for you to wake up again and we went home after that.

I remember you cooked me noodles with chicken breast meat each time i had to rush off for tuition. You were afraid that i will be hungry. But i always told you not to rush to cook just for me. But you still did. And that is why i always remembered my noodles with the chicken breast meat.

I remember the time you and papa stayed by my bedside when i had asthma. I was wheezing and wheezing away, both of you with worried faces. I always think that i was going to die. But i braved on knowing that both of you stayed up beside me all night.

I remember the first day you took me to kindergarten. You went on the schoolbus with me. I was very proud while i was on the bus because i had you by my side while the rest of the kids went alone.

I remember the chats we used to have in your room when i come back for holidays. We will talk and talk and sometimes we will bitch about papa. *LOL*

I remember papa driving us back to Taiping when grandma passed away. You were crying non-stop in the car. And papa played the song Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver.

I remember the time you cooked my favourite chicken. When i told you i really love the dish, you will cook it again very soon.

I remember the time that you told us to read... and always read. Because empty vessels makes the most noise.

I remember the time you teach me to paint waterfalls. You always helped me with my art. You should have been a great artist yourself.

I remember the sad face of yours each time we had to leave to go back to our own lives in KL and to work. But you always told me to fly. You always told me to find my own dreams.

I remember the time you saved me all the glass bottles. Washed everything clean and packed it in newspapers. Just because i told you that i wanted to paint some bottles.

I remember the time you gave papa a good shelling when you came back from Taiping to find me with a huge bump on my head. *LOL* Papa didn't even know i fell off my bicycle and had a huge bump on my head for 2 days.

I remember the time you held my hand at Dr Chew's clinic... when i had to get my head stitched back from falling off a chair.

I remember the best nasi lemak you made which we all took to Teluk Batik to eat.

I remember the time you bought a red flowery cloth and made two identical dresses for sis and i. We look like twins. But i love that dress.

I remember the time you gave May and I each a teeshirt from our childhood. You kept it safe as a memory for us.

I remember the time when i had to secretly give you my report card to sign because i failed.

I remember the time you nagged me to sit straight. You were afraid our bodies will be crooked and we would be an eyesore.

I even remember the time you told us not to shake our legs while we eat or else all our wealth will go away.

I remember you always as my very graceful mommy. Soft spoken and never a harsh word for the world.

I remember. And i remember you. Happy Mother's Day Mommy.

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yoon see said...

Wow! I am so touched Anny.
This is a lovely tribute to your lovely late mum.
Your late mum was truly God sent angel.
Happy mother's day:)

I remember all your lovely memories with your mum and mine too:)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Anny, you had a childhood some kids could only dream of. Not of wealth or health but of love..and lots of it.

The Race Against Time said...

Thanks YoonSee.
Mothers are bigger than heavens :)

Have a great day ahead!

The Race Against Time said...

We have an almost similar childhood :) we both had love.. lots of it too ;)

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Happy Mother's Day Anny, I know you're not a mom but you do have some dogies who look up to you like a mom :D

The Race Against Time said...

:o me me not a mother.. :D err.. me just best buddies with the PP and Dommy :)

yunus said...

I think, this is such a great poem ever made :) Happy Mothers day Anny!!
( I baru jer celebrate mothers day with my family tadi )

Love is everywhere...

The Race Against Time said...

Thanks Yun :) Glad you have had a great time with ur mom and family... i am sure ur mommy must be very happy!
Love is definitely all around :)

Anonymous said...

Brought tears to my eyes, sis...
I remember those special moments that we had with our beloved mum.
Miss mum so much...esp today