anny: i am doing some work on Graz

stormy: who is Graz?

anny: Graz, Austria

stormy: Austria...Australia... same laaa

stormy: u put lotsa kangaroos and boomerangs

stormy: sure nice punyooo

stormy: and dun forget the wallabies

anny: austria le

anny: wallabies ok too

anny: and koalasssssssssssss

stormy: then ur boss come back to u and said "hey anny... why a lot of kangaroos and stuff?"

stormy: u said must localise la local spirt of the country laaa

anny: hhahahhahaa

stormy: then ur boss said AUSTRRRRIAAAA laaaaa NOT AUSTRALIAAAA

anny: then i will say.. same laa

anny: both starts with A

stormy: then u said..austria, australia same laaaa

stormy: hahahahahahaha

This is part of a conversation between Stormy and I. We spend many hours yapping away each day online. Sometimes i think mebbe we were siamese twins in our past life.. *LOL* We are quite in-sync with each other's thoughts.

I sit here looking at my screen grinning to myself sometimes. Life sends me rainbows and life sends me a Storm :D

Thank Q for lighting up my life Stormy :D

5 woofs:

Anonymous said...

A Storm a day keeps the Hurricanes away...


The Race Against Time said...

really? ;p

yoon see said...

Cool conversation as always!

yoon see said...

How about Astro....?
Way to far...Ha...Ha...

The Race Against Time said...

hahahhaaa.. Astro also can la :D