The LittleLab tees i ordered from Yun are here :) One white and one black. Both for the boys. Well.. Boy was grining from ear to ear. I guess he liked it very much. Its so easy to make him happy... hahaha

The printing is very nice... and embossed. The tee-shirt material is also very soft. Good material. I wouldn't mind keeping it for myself.. hahhahahaha Maybe when Yun comes up with some new designs, i'll get some for myself. The kids won't want to be caught dead wearing the same tee with me. *LOL*

Oh.. here's Boy modelling the tee for LittleLab.

Nice rite? The colors are bright and spanking bright. If you like the design, do visit LittleLab and order a tee for yourself. This is the first design from LittleLab. More designs to come soon.

Let's support young Malaysian talent. BeliLAH barangan buatan Malaysia :)

10 woofs:

Kong said...

happy mother day my friend. you finally got Yunus shirt... I'm waiting for mine..

The Race Against Time said...

Thanks Kong! But i am not a mother yet.. hahaha

The tee is real nice and soft.. hope u get urs soon ;)

baincardin said...

me also want one! :)

baincardin said...

Happy Mother's Day to all ibuk2 sama bapak2 sini semua ya! ;)

The Race Against Time said...

ha! Bain cepat cepat order dari Yun.. nanti suda habis pulak :D
the tee shirt material memang lembut.. and no side stitching.. one round punya.. so tee ni memang best... RM25 memang berbaloi

The Race Against Time said...

hahahha.. u another one juga Bain.. but ya.. Happy Mommies Day to all ;)

yoon see said...

Wow! You are truly a good friend to all friends around. Yunus's T-shist design is very smart, cool and beautiful.
Thank you for showing us my dear anny:)

yunus said...

Hi good day to all of you.
wa..... thanks alot Anny!! da review + promote da 'little' oh ya, at the moment, size untk tee ni sgt lah terhad untk S & M only, so untk size L & above only available soon.

*next week da bole beli kat Malaya Distro, Alamanda Putrajaya untk yg tak sempat beli secara online ye!!

Thanks all :)

The Race Against Time said...

Yoonsee.. the tee is nice.. the graphic is cute! buy one for urself too :)

The Race Against Time said...

Samo samo En Yunus :)
da "little" tu one day gonna be "huge" :) Yun buat design baru.. then bole laa berjalan nanti :) i'll promise to buy ur next tee too :)

Bain pon suda order.. hehehe.. :) baguslaa kengkawan semua.. kasi support dekat Yun.