Lazy night. I didn't get any work done.. oh oh.. *lol* Probably have an earful tomorrow morning.

I have just been bumping around getting my tv fix. But i did cook today for dinner.. yes yes.. i know how to cook but now i am hungry again. Bet Boy is hungry too. My tummy just made a loud ROARRRRRRRR!

Virtually... how safe are our kids? I don't have any kids of my own yet. But i do have many kids in my life. I have been using the internet for as long as it has been around. It used to be full of programmers and a pretty safe haven. But now, every Tom, Dick and Harry knows how to use one. And every Tom, Dick and Harry knows how to use it for their own dirty evil gains and to harm little unknowing kids.

With the many "social networking" sites around, do you really know who your kids are talking to now? Do you know their friends. And the gaming sites... a lot of evil lurks there too.

I go through many teenagers and kids blogs as well. Some of the kids i do know as they are related to me. Its good to get into your kid's blogs and read about what they are doing... but don't comment la. How uncool it is to have your parents commenting on your blog rite?

The most disturbing thing about these blogs are, the kids... teenagers... post pictures of themselves in very suggestive positions... sexy... inviting trouble. Kids... they really do not know how wide the world wide web is. How easy it is to hack into someone's computer and get all their details. How crazy some people could get and probably be stalking them outside their door. I am paranoid... because i have kids in my life.

I know we cannot protect the kids forever. They will have to fight their own battles one day.

But parents, please read your kids blogs (but don't comment.. haha.. really.. don't comment). Keep your computers in a hall, so you'll always almost know what they are doing. And talk to them, be their friend. They will tell you 'almost' everything if you are their friend. I know its easier said than done. I don't have my own flesh and blood yet. I don't know what's it like to be a mother. I am only a temporary caretaker of Boy.. till he finishes school.

Err.. blocking sites on the computer will not solve the issues. Every kid i know do know how to override the block... ;)

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bem69 said...

True la, me and my wife are quite worried about the new generation of children now, even before having children, how in heavens am I gonna monitor their activities. We'll come to that, one day. At the moment, I'll just worry in a corner.

The Race Against Time said...

Scary... i got a niece who's chatting with a computer robot.. and i asked her.. who's the robot... she said.. i dun know... so u see.. scary. and Soulie would be great parents.. dun worry too much la!

yoon see said...

I know what you are talking about Anny. I heard this sharing by my cousin brother and sister too....
Not easy to be a parent:(

The Race Against Time said...

No matter how careful.. there are loopholes as big as the sky... we were all kids once.. but now its really tougher for kids.

yoon see said...

Is that safe since I have posted my photos on blog? But I choose to be modest....I got to be careful too.
Thanks Anny:)