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For the first time in my whole entire life, i am a real godmother :) Not the fairy with the wings type.. hehehe.. i sure still can't fly yet. The godmother thingy have not really sank in since January because my godson is so very far away :(

Godmothers are suppose to buy lot of things for godsons. Pamper them endlessly. Teach them to be naughty and most of all teach them to escape trouble :D Well, if my sister have known i have all these evil thots in my head, she would have reconsidered godmother status to me.

Hann sent me a beeeeeeeyooooootiful pink Godmother card yesterday for Mother's Day. I am thrilled and looked at the card many many times :) Thank you Hann. Please remind me to spoil you rotten when you come back for Christmas. This would actually be the closest i could get to being a real mummy.

Hann even sent me his first passport picture.. hahahaha.. One for his grandpa too to put in his wallet. I am not going to put in my purse and lose it. You are going to sit on my table... so that i can look at your face every single minute of the day.

I have missed you a lot since i came home. I even miss carrying you even though i only had the very first few days. Guess we'll have loads of time to catch up soon.

Oh ya.. grandpa said you sounded like a dove last week. Cos you went ooo oo oooo... hehehhehee.. from a trumpet to a dove. Not bad at all. I heard grandpa singing twinkle twinkle little star to you last week. When you are older, you must call grandpa more and talk to him. Because he always smiles a lot after he talks to you. You are after all our little miracle.

Here's you at Anny's side. I've asked my angel to guard over you.

Be a good boy and don't give mommy and daddy a hard time. Love ya!

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Anonymous said...

Glad that u liked the card and my pic. Sorry for sending the card late, got the card since March and was waiting for the day to send to you. I miss you too, very much so and hope soon, you can give me lotsa cuddles. Hann xxx

yoon see said...

Cute one:)

The Race Against Time said...

He is a cutie pie...