Fraulein ~ Bobby Helms

This is one of the songs that my papa's been listening to a lot lately :) I'm sneaking this to you. Don't tell him *shush*

Fräulein (literally, "little woman" or "little Mrs.", colloquial form Frollein) is used as a title for young girls or unmarried women as opposed to Frau for married women. It is used with the first name or last name (Fräulein Anna or Fräulein Schmidt). courtesy from Wikipedia

4 woofs:

Anonymous said...

I remember this song! Papa used to play it when we were young. Gosh!

Nick Phillips said...

Hey AnnyBoo, I sure hope you know your A, B, C's cos you've just been tagged with this
Now I know My A, B, C's ... tag ... have fun doing it :D

Unknown said...

Yeps.. its a song from our childhood :D

Unknown said...

Oh boy.. its a really hard tag to doooooooooooo.. oh boy oh boy.. it will take me yearsssssssssss.. *LOL*

thanks for the tag.. i'll slip it in somehow :)