For the insane few like me who lug their cameras for a walkabout at 1pm in the afternoon to catch some very good clouds... this is what happens...

Dots... and more brown dots.

Lately i've noticed that i have a few more brown dots on my face (the effects of too much sun and NO sunblock) *LOL* I don't really look at my face in the mirror everyday. Its not a sight to behold and gaze endlessly on.. huhuhu... so i hardly look at my own face. I hardly comb my hair too since i can't find my comb under my rubble of stuffs. My hair kind of falls in place or outta place.. hahhahhahhaa It doesn't need much combing :)

ya.. back to the dots. The freckly stuffs on my face is getting more and more. And darker browns.... ooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOooo... and soon i might be able to join them dots. Maybe i'll get a funny picture. :D

Ya... its one of those late nights... and i am just babbling about nonsensical stuffs. Err.. i kinda babble on nonsensical things most of the time anytime of the day too. Opps!

Anyways, i had a good 1 hour of photography in the afternoon sun today. To catch some clouds. Big white clouds :) Went to a few places and met a few Japanese tourists too. At least they have more sense to wear a cap and carry bright coloured brollies.

I'm going to go find myself a nice colourful sweet brolly and maybe add some sweetness to my total outlook :p Err.. come to think of it.. don't think the brolly will help much here in the total outlook category... hehhehehehe I just have too many dots now to be saved and reversed.

Let me go count them dots tomorrow and keep a note of them. Well.. have a great weekend folks :) Goodnite.

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bem69 said...

Dots eh? Are you talking about something similar to freckles? Maybe its HDR dots Anny, for capturing sunny pics. Connect the dots and make a drawing? hahah crazy jugooo

The Race Against Time said...

yea.. freckles :D we call them dots here... eventhough their shapes are not rounded..

urmm.. HDR dots? hmm.. i must warn my buddy Bain then.. mebbe he has them tooo... hehehe

Hobbes said...

Well, if you're a tiger like me, then you'll have a nice coat of fur to protect you from the sun :D

The Race Against Time said...

really? but.. a coat of fur wud be too much in this very warm weather.. just lookit Dom... he is just lying low.. hehehe

yoon see said...

Freckles can be healed and reduced.
That day, I passed a cool Aloe Vera beauty product to Kak Emila, she is very satisfy with the result that her chickenpock's scars has slowly reduced and fainted off.
Anny, you must do something dear.
Not that we lady want to be beautiful....but taking care our beauty is a foremost knowledge and life long commitment.

I have skin problem, i know how important skincare is.....
Do you get me Anny?

Nessa said...

My bestfren in school had freckles. I always envied her cos of the freckles! She was very fair and the freckles made her face 'glow'.

The Race Against Time said...

Yes.. i got u Yoonsee..
it is not that bad a dotty face..just a couple of dots for me to join them dots :)

The Race Against Time said...

freckles on Asian face dun really look great... but on a Caucasian looks cool.. hehe

i used to draw all my paper dolls with freckles :D