Poodle. When the name poodle comes to mind, we will usually picture the cutesy dogs in dog shows. With balls of fur here and there, primmed to perfection. Trotting down the aisle in the dogshows in their perfect coat and fancy ribbons.

The Poodle is a breed of dog which is highly intelligent. They come in three different sizes, kinda like your drinks at McDonalds. Small, Medium, Large.

Our poodle Dom however is no schmancy pancy dog. He is just like any other dog... happy but curly. He is not all fancy like a showdog. He is just.. normal. Like the dog next door.

Dom came into our lives two years ago. We adopted him from a boarding house. He was actually a dog to keep mom and dad company. My mom didn't actually liked the look of him when we went to the shop to visit him. He was all scrawny but happy. He was running up and down with his other doggie friends and his brother Moet. We just wanted a small dog to keep in the house. So its easier for mom and dad to care for him.

His time with mom was short-lived. Mom only got to know him for 3 months. Then she went on her way. But in the final months, his relationship with mom went from better to better. Mom grew to love him. Then he made the ikea chair in the hall his. The chair is still his.. but its all worn out now...

Well.. it started with.. no dogs in the house... and then.. dogs are allowed in the house.. but not on the furniture.. then it went to.. only 1 furniture.. not all the furniture. Then it was no dogs in the rooms... then it went to.. ok.. only once in a while when its warm.. hehehe.. but no dogs on the bed. Yep.. we are still at that.. no dogs on the bed :) He has his own bed.

He is a highly intelligent dog actually. Very protective of the family and his boundaries. Very obedient. And very loyal too especially to me. Maybe its because i am the hands that feed him. He follows me like a shadow. Even when its really warm in the afternoon, dad calls him to his room.. where its cooler... he will only go to acknowledge dad.. and comes back to sit with me in my work room. Sweating and lying on the floor.. hehehe

Sometimes i feel guilty seeing him lying there waiting for me to play with him. He can sit there the whole day waiting for me for breaktime.

Yesterday i went out for a good 3 hours. And when i came home, he was so happy.. it was like he hasn't seen me for months. hahahhahahahahaa.. Why would i want to trade his love and loyalty for anything else rite? He has taken over a good part of my heart. If i don't have love, i do however have Dom :)

6 woofs:

emilayusof said...

aww sweetest Dom!!

The Race Against Time said...

ya.. he is sweet :)
mebbe he's just hungry all the time.. hahahhaa.. cos i am the hands that feed him.. so its best to follow me around :D

Hobbes said...

Awww, that's so sweet. What a lucky gal you are to have such a loyal and faithful friend :D

But then again, if I was fed on a daily basis, I'd be loyal too ... hahaha ...

The Race Against Time said...

Hmmm.. i could use a tiger to guard my household.. any takers? Hobbes?
i do serve very good food :D even Dom is not complaining.. hehehe

Nessa said...

Dom's such a cutie pie! Geez! I didn't know he's a poodle. I thot all Poodles are females... silly me. *smacks head*

The Race Against Time said...

all poodles are female? hehehhehe.. tats a first *LOL* err.. Poodles wud be extinct by now.. hahhahahahaha
Dom is actually too fat now to be a poodle.. my father called him the pasar dog :D