My hunger and thirst for books... magazines. Anything to feed my eyes and mind. Err.. sometimes i don't finish reading some of the books or magazines. They are just there, and i pick them up again few weeks or months later.

Some make me yawwwwwnnn.. hehhehehee.. so its left longer till i grow up a little and continue when my mind is more receptive of the stuffs in it.

The books or magazines which i do buy a lot are recipes books. I love to look at the pictures and salivate.. hahahhahaha.. no no no... i love to see the pictures and see how dishes are cooked. I do like to cook. But sometimes ideas ran out. And my beloved oven is far far awayyyyyyyy :( Its too big to be brought home when i scooted home 2 years back. So now its just gathering dust in the other home.

Oh ya.. i found a good book/magazine of recipes yesterday at the market. Yes yes.. i get my magazines fix from the market... the magazine/newspaper stand is not bad. They have most of the magazines from the local bookstores plus its service with a smile. I even get my photography magazine from the market too. *LOL* If they have a bookstore in the market, i'll be sitting there and going there more often :)

The magazine is called "Old Fashioned Nyonya Cuisine". Its supercool because i find a lot of my mom's recipe in it :D They even have a tagline that goes... "Now everybody can easily cook Nyonya dishes with Chef Ricky's recipes!" I hope this Chef Ricky is right.

My daily routine is to cook dinner for dad, Boy and I. They are not fussy eaters. And i am not a very good cook to begin with.. hehhehehee.. Just the normal soups and dishes. Mundane stuffs. Sometimes spaghetti or the chicken chop but that would take a longer time. And i really only have an hour to cook before everyone is hungry. *lol*

Even Dommy sits in the kitchen faithfully waiting for his dinner to be served too. hahahahaa.. Food always lights up his eyes. *lol*

Sometimes its a wee bit tiring. Sometimes i hang up the aprons and refuse to cook. Sometimes... sometimes i just wish i was at the beach again, just sitting on the shore and listening to the waves. The sound of the waves is almost hypnotic.

I'll share some of the recipes with you as i go along. Now i gotta go. Some "beeps" on them yahoos.

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Anonymous said...

Anny's chicken barbeque recipe in oyster sauce and glazed onions is the best I have ever tasted! Much better than all the fancy smancy restaurants I have ever been to..

Cooking is much more than just following measures and ingredients..Anny does it with passion!


(Wishing for a home cooked meal)

yunus said...

Anny, if you interested in food, cooking etc, check out this guy, he's blog about food, photography and travels.very nice:)

btw, masa kat ipoh dulu, selalu pegi satu used bookstore called 'novelhut'... byk buku2 yg best kat sana! em... bila la dpt pegi sana lg.

Unknown said...

hahaha.. this is over compliment.. err. nasi dagang is nicer than home cooked meal :p

but i will wait for the home cooked meal :) ur cooking of course!

Unknown said...

thanks a lot Yun for the link! i'll go check him out.

novelhut still ada.. they are inside Ipoh Parade now.. usually i get my wired magazines from them.. its backdate by 1 mth.. but whole lot cheaper :)

Hobbes said...

I'm not really a great cook but I do cook for Mrs. Spiff and the boys sometimes, so far they all haven't masuk hospital yet ... hehehe ...

Unknown said...

I am not a good cook too Spiffy.. and so far.. no one ended up in the hospital yet too.. *LOL*

yoon see said...

You are just being humble, there are so many good people put there praise you.
You are so multi-talent and multi- tasking!
I salute you. Most importantly, I hope to try your homecook meal one day. May I?
Bye Anny!
Same here, I just bought a magazine for RM18.
It could be expensive to most people but I like it...He..He..
I also buy cookbook....
Any books and magazines that appeal to me, I will buy!

Unknown said...

Home cooked meal? hahahaa.. Hopefully one day.. :) My cooking fluctuates.. like the stock market ;)

Stormy is just overcomplimenting.. hehhehee