Yoohoooooooo.. tis is I... the very shiny one :) Today is my turn to blog as Anny is taking a nap. As you can see... i just sneaked out to the garden and am having a roll and rolling on the grass. If Anny finds out.. i am in big trouble. I just had a bath this morning.

I just had a very looooooooooooooooooooong bath today. I stood there for such a long time as Anny shampoo me 2 times. Once with one orange cap shampoo and another time with the red cap shampoo. Its not that i can tell red from orange. I can only count how many biscuits she has in her pockets.

I was standing there for sooooooooooooooooo long. But I actually do look forward to my weekly warm showers in the bath.

Then its another loooooooooooooooong blow and dry with the hair dryer as Dr Teo says i must be blown dry in every nook and cranny of me. In some of them nook and crannies... it tickles. Woof! So that i won't have a fungal infection anymore. It was a loooooooooong blow and dry as my fur has grown thicker. Even Aini says that i am looking very smashing handsome lately. I saw her winking at me the other Tuesday. I nearly fell asleep while i am being groomed.

Now i am back to my fluffy nice smelling self. I get more hugs on Sundays as i smell fluffy sweet as they say. Even granpa says i look nicer now.

As today is Mother's Day... i want to wish alllllll mommies out there a great Mother's Day. Have a great one with your families and hope all of you get some beautiful flowers for your beautiful mommies!

Now i need my 40 winks. Catch you all again later. Ciao baby!

2 woofs:

Nessa said...

Eh, dat is Dommy? Why he looks different... I mean the fur not curl2. Looks so fluffy la.

The Race Against Time said...

Ya! tis is him.. the SupaDom :) I just groomed and brushed him... so he looks fluffier.. now he's back to being a curly moo :)