This past few week or was it weeks have been extremely warm. Extra... strange... very warm. It is even too warm to blog. *lol* My brains just melts.

Thank god today we have some dark skies. I guess Nessa and Spiffy's raindance is working :)

I work IN the house and i am sweating like a pig. I pity those that are working outside.. be it in construction, farms, cleaners, garbage guys... anyone who is out working in the hot sun to give us a better world. What would the world be like if nobody wanted to be garbage collectors, nobody wanted to be cleaners, nobody wanted to be taxi drivers and nobody wanted to be constuction workers. And everybody just want to be a blogger sitting in front of a computer like me.

In the extreme heat, we are contributing more to the hole in the ozone by keeping our aircons blasted to full. Our electricity went from more to most.. hahahhaha.. We are trying not to switch on the aircon in the afternoons and keep the bills to a manageable number. Now we switch off all the lights that are not in used. As my dad said.. the electricity bill alone is 1/3 of his pension.

Today is not as warm as yesterday. And it is surely not as warm as some parts in India and some other parts of the world.

Dommy is lying on the floor on most days. I even sprinkled water on him.. *lol* Sometimes i give him an ice cube to lick. I pity the dog next door. Forever chained to the gate in the hot sun. To guard the house. Heartless souls. I sometimes hope the owners become dogs in their next life... hahhahaahhaa.. yes.. weird things run in my head.

I don't mean to judge people. We cannot tell people what to do and how to run their lives and expecially how to take care of their dogs. Stormy even suggested that i ask the owner if they wanted to sell the dogs. They kept the dogs to only guard the house or to bark when there are strangers outside the gates. Why would they want to sell them to me? They will just get fresh dogs after i buy these two.

Dogs are hardy creatures. But there's only so much that they can take. Its a dogs life.

One of the dogs got loose today and came out through the gate. She is so thin. She came happily to my side of the gate and i drop her some biscuits. She chomps down so fast like she haven't eaten in days. But i know the owners do feed them. She ran laps in my garden. And checked out every nook and cranny of the garden. When it was time to go, she went back to her home. Enough said. Even a dog knows its way home.

We try not to be judgemental of others. We are not without sin ourselves.

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Nessa said...

It's so easy to judge people. I'm guilty of that myself but I don't go and tell the person. Just curse in my heart and call them morons... LOL!

I know I'll never enter heaven too... *sighhhh*

Hey, it rained today... and I haven't even started my raindance yet!

The Race Against Time said...

its ez to judge people.. without looking at the mirror at ourselves.. we are all guilty of that..
unless we are angels :D err.. nawww... hahhahaa
u didn't start the raindance yet? must have been Spiffy with his missus :D or our own rocker chick Emi.. :)

baincardin said...

it happens to my kiki Anny :) bain pun ada renjis2 kt dia, kasi sejuk badan dia. :)

Hobbes said...

No la, Spiffy is still an egg yolk, maybe it's the rocker chick la ... LOL!

The Race Against Time said...

Kiki di kampung ke? or with u?
kesian the animals.. memang panas giler these past few days..
i'm taking si Dommy for a crew cut this weekend.. better to look not so cute than be warm with his thick curly self.. hahaha

The Race Against Time said...

Still a yolk ka? A yolk by any other name would still smell yolky.. hahahhahaa
must b the bz rocker chick with her air guitar la!

Rozella said...

It has been more than warm...and last night when it rained, oh my Lord, I was the happiest girl in the world!

The Race Against Time said...

hahahaha.. tat's great Rozella! It rained on your side too? Must be Spiffy and Nessa's dance doing wonders to cool us down :)